John Daniel Staunton

John Daniel Staunton

Born 12 January 1886 at Balmaclellan, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Married ____ (wife's maiden name unknown), had issue 1 son, John (who married __________); and 1 daughter, Sarah ('Sally,' who married ___ Rayner on 9th May 1938 and had issue 2 daughters; her last known address was 40 York St., Nelson, Lancashire). John Daniel Staunton was killed in France during the third battle of Passchendaele in the 1914-1918 war, exact date unknown.

Birth Certificate

EXACT ENTRY OF BIRTH, under the 37th Sect. of 17 and 18 Vict. Cap. 80

No. 1
Name and Surname. John Danial (sic) Staunton
When and Where Born. 1886 January Twelfth 1h 0m AM at Craigmuir
Sex. M
Name, Surname and Rank or Profession of Father. Name, and Surname of Mother. Date and Place of Marriage. Patrick Staunton, Gamekeeper. Sarah Staunton M.S. [maiden surname] Byron. 29th June 1883. Newry, County Down, Ireland.
Signature and Qualification of Informant, and Residence, if out of the House in which the Birth occurred. (Signed) Patrick Staunton, Father. Present.
When and Where Registered, and Signature of Registrar. 1886, 30 January at Balmaclellan. James McMichael, Registrar.

Extracted from the Register Book of Births, for the Parish of Balmaclellan in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright on 30th day of January 1886. James McMichael, Registrar.

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