Patrick Staunton: documents, correspondence

Patrick Staunton: Documents

Born 1844. Discharged from British Army 1884. Died 1920. 3 children: 1) John Daniel; 2) Edward Joseph; 3) David Patrick.

Above: St. Patrick's Church, Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland, dating from 1866, where Patrick Staunton and Sarah Byron were wed on June 29, 1883 (copy of marriage certificate below). The original church, built in about 1578, was considered to be the first Protestant church in Ireland.

Above: "Copy of marriage from Register, St. Patrick's Church, Newry, Ireland, 1883. When married: June 29. Names: Patrick Staunton & Sarah Byron. Age: Full. Condition: Bachelor & Spinster. Rank: Private, Border Reg[imen]t. Abode: Newry Barracks & Tuam St (?). Fathers Names: Daniel Staunton, John Byron. Occupation: D. Staunton gardener, John Byron Coachmaker. I do hereby certify that the above is a correct copy of marriage of the above parties, married by me by licence in said Church. Francis King, DD. July 2, 1883."

(Overwritten in red: "Entered in B.R. 11/83. Signed).

Discharge from the British Army, 1884 (printed on parchment)

(Above): Stamped in red: District of Belfast. "6709 Army Form B. 128. Should this Parchment be lost or mislaid no Duplicate of it can be obtained.

PARCHMENT CERTIFICATE of Discharge of No. 55 Foot 1008 (Rank) Private 2nd B[attalio]n Border Regiment of Foot. Born in the Parish of St. Luke's near the Town of Cork in the County of Cork on the 25th February 1863 for the 19th Regiment, at the age of 22 years.

"He is discharged in consequence of the termination of the second period of the limited engagement. He has served 21 years 92 days, of which 21 years 38 days reckon towards Pension. Service Abroad 13 4/12 years. Medals and Decorations: India Medal, clasp for Bhootan [Bhutan, India].

"His conduct and character with the Colors have been Good. He is in possession of three good conduct badges. Signature: Joseph Bellamy (?), lieu of Col[onel]. Place & Date: 2nd Battn. Border Regiment, Newry. Commence (?) on 22nd April 1884.

"Discharge confirmed at Belfast. Service toward engagement: Army 21 years 72 days, Reserve 0. Total 21 years 72 days. Signature: R.S. Allen, Major B[riga]de Major. Date 6th May 1884."

(On reverse): "Particulars of Marching Money issued: Pte Patrick Staunton. By whom: Majors M.M. Gillies Act[in]g Pay (?) 2/Border Reg[imen]t. Advance of Pension One pound. Warrant (?) Newry to Carlisle.

"DESCRIPTION ON FINAL DISCHARGE. Of No. 53 Foot 1008 Pte. Pat[ric]k Staunton of the 2nd Border Reg[imen]t of Foot. Age: 43 years 2 months. Height: 5 feet 10 inches. Complexion: Sallow. Eyes: Brown. Hair: D[itt]o. Trade: D(?)er. Marks or Scars, whether in face or other parts of the body: None. Intended place of residence: Newcastle on Tyne. Discharged the Service at Newry this 6 day of May 1884."

"NOTICE: Recruits for Army or Militia. A sum of money is paid to any person who brings or sends in a Recruit who is accepted for service in the Army or Militia. These sums, which may be varied from time to time, are at present 5s. for an Army Recruit and 2s 6d. for a Militia Recruit. When a Militiaman joins the Regular Army during the Militia drill or training the 5s. Army bringing-money is liable to a reduction of 2s. 6d."

Army Pension certificate (printed on linen), 1884

Above: Royal Hospital, Chelsea. THIS is to certify that the OUT-PENSION described below was awarded by the Lords and others, Commissioners of Her Majesty's Royal Hospital, Chelsea, at their Meeting on the 6 May 1884. BY ORDER OF THE COMMISSIONERS, (signed) Secretary and Registrar. This Certificate is not transferable, and is no security for debt. Chelsea Number: 9805b. Name of Pensioner: Patrick Staunton. Regiment from which discharged: 2nd Border. Rate of Pension: 13 pence, per diem from the 7th May 1884. Duration of Pension: Life.


Letter from neice Jennie Barry of Boston, U.S.A., 1919

Lowell, Apr. 20 1919

Dear Uncle Patrick

I now take my pen to drop you a few lines. I should have wrote to you before, but I don't have much time. You wrote to my mother, but mother is failing every day and it is very hard on me, I am the only one left at home and I have to work all day and come home at night and do all the work in the house and my work is about three miles from where I live. Father has been out of work since New Year, he drove a team on the city for 9 years and they elected a new man and he sent him away, so you see it comes hard on me all around.

Dear Uncle, you said in your letter you wrote to my brother. We have not heard from him since Christmas. Uncle Mike, I have not seen him for quite a while. He is very feeble and can't see a thing out of one of his eyes. I feel awful sorry for him because his second wife don't use him any too good. Before she would marry him she made him sign everything he had in her name and he can't lay his hand on one cent's worth now. My youngest sister was keeping house for him and she would not let her stay after she came there. When I saw him last I told him how you wrote to him and he said he never got a letter, so I think she got them and would not give it to him.

So now, dear Uncle Patrick, I think I will have to bring my letter to a close by sending you and your wife and family my mother's and my best love and regards. I remain your loving neice, Jennie Barry, 12 West Adam St., Lowell, Mass. Excuse the writing, hoping to hear from you soon again.


Receipt for burial plot, 1920

Cork Rural District Council Burial Board. No. 793. Received from Mr. Edward Staunton of Dunsland, Glanmire, the sum of One Pound, ten shillings for the purchase of a Grave space in Douglas Burial Ground in perpetuity. No. of square feet 9 (?) Section B Row --. No. of Plot --. Dated this 12th day of March 1920. Daniel Egan, Clerk of Burial Board.

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