Sarah Staunton: Correspondence and References

Sarah (Byron) Staunton

Born 1873 (1863?); married 1883; died 1930.

Character References

1. Ardvullen/Fairyfield, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. March 29, 1898.
"Mrs. Staunton has acted as Laundress for me for nearly two Years -- I found that she can wash & make up very well -- also is good at shirts and collars and she is punctual & clean with her work. I have found her honest & attentive & shall be glad to recommend her. I am parting with her as I am breaking up my establishment here. All wages due being paid. (signed) Ida E.W. Townsend."

2. Cuskinny, Queenstown (Cobh), Co. Cork. September 19, 1899.
"Mrs. Staunton has been in my employment as Laundress for 1 year and 4 1/2 months and I have found her honest, sober & quiet and a good Laundress. Her husband was employed in the garden here under my Gardener, & was attentive to his work -- and their oldest boy worked on the farm, and is a most intelligent good boy and our Steward had a very high opinion of him. All wages due are paid. (signed) F. French."

3. Dunkathel (Dunkettle), Glanmire, Co. Cork. April 30, 1901.
"Mrs. Staunton has been Laundress here for ten months, and did her work to my satisfaction, being a good laundry woman, and very regular in giving up her washing. Her husband has been gatekeeper, and did his duties well & attentively for the same period They now leave, being paid all due. (signed) F.G. Gubbins."

4. Fenagh House, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. December 1, 1901.
"Mrs. Staunton has been in my employment as laundress for the past 4 months. During that time she has been honest, sober & quiet."

5. Bally MaCool, Lettykerney (Letterkenny), Co. Donegal. August 10, 1906.
"Mrs. Staunton Has been here as Laundress exactly 3 years living in a Cottage of ours. she is an excellant Laundress washing flanells & very well in doing up shirts Collars etc. she is strong & active & neat tidy in person. I hope she gets a good situation. she leaves me at her own request all wages due being paid. Mrs C. Agnes Boyd."

6. Delvin Lodge, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. October 2, 1908.
"Mrs. Staunton has lived in our service as laundress in charge of a cottage laundry since February 1907, she is I believe honest, sober & respectable & is leaving because I am making different arrangements. As to the work Mrs. Staunton is a very good laundress all round -- She leaves my service this day, all wages due by me being paid. (signed) E.S. Maculson (?) Mrs."

7. No address given. July 14, 1909.
"Mrs Staunton Has been in my service as Head Laundress for about seven Months I Consider her a good Laundress & she understands her work thoroughly She is sober honest & respectable willing & obliging She leaves here of her own accord all wages due being paid. H. Balmore."

7. Brackenstown, Swords, Co. Dublin. September 5, 1911.
"Mrs. Staunton has lived with Mr. O'Callaghan (?) for two years as Laundress during which time she was strictly sober, __ quiet & an excellent Laundress. She now leaves all wages paid. [signed] L. O'Sullivan, Housekeeper."

7. Aclare House, Ardee (Co. Louth, Ireland). September 28th 1912.
"Mrs. Staunton lived in My Service as Laundry Maid from July 19th to the present date during which time I found her Sober, honest & respectable and I consider her a very good Laundress also very Careful & economical over Laundry requirements. She leaves us now at her own request all wages being paid to date. (signed) A. M. Singleton."

7. Bangor Castle, Co. Down. March 14, 1913.
"Mrs. Staunton Has lived at Bangor Castle as Head Laundress for 1 year three Months during which time I found her Honest sober & clean very obliging & a very particular laundress good at table linens shirts Collars Flannells etc. she leaves me now at her own request All wages due being paid. J. Pearce House keeper To Lady Clanmorris."

8. Ballykilcavan, Stradbally, Queen's Co. (Laois). October 30, 1914.
"Mrs. Staunton has been my Laundress in my Cottage Laundry for a little more than 14 months -- She is an excellent Laundress, and has been most punctual in returning everything in excellent order. (signed) Harriett Walsh."

9. Park House, Cornhill R.S.O., Banffshire, Scotland. November 3, 1920.
"Mrs. Staunton has lived in my service at Dunsland for over a year (owing to my books having been destroyed, I cannot be sure of the exact dates) She is an excellent laundress, honest sober & quiet & I am very sorry to have to part with her, owing to Dunsland being burnt down. I can confidently recommend Mrs. Staunton and will be glad to answer futher questions. Frances A. Pike. Future address 17 Cadogan Place, London S.W."

10. Moorefield House, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. November 9, 1922.
"Mrs Staunton has lived in my service as Laundress for eight and a half months, viz. March 1st to Nov 9th 1922. She now leaves at her own request all wages being paid & card stamped. I found Mrs. Staunton a first class Laundress sober & honest. Her two sons, Edward & David worked in the Garden under my head Gardener & gave him satisfaction. Signed (Rowland?) Calmont."

10. Broadfield, Carlisle, Cumberland. 6 Feb 1922.
"Mrs. Staunton has been here as Laundress for 16 months and left of her own accord. I always found her a good quick Laundress and obliging. I can confidently recommend her for any similar position. (signed) R.S. Oliphant Sheffield."
Hon. Lady McCalmont, Moorfield, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. November 9, 1922.
"Mrs. Staunton has been in my service as Laundress From March 1st to Nov. 9 1922. She now leaves at her own request, all wages being paid and card stamped. I found Mrs. Staunton a first class Laundress, sober & Honest. Her two sons Edward & David worked in the Gardens under my Head Gardener and gave him satisfaction. Signed, Hon. R. E. McCalmont."


Letter from the Bayly family at Woodenbridge (Hotel?), on the death of Sarah (1930): Ballyarthur, Woodenbridge, Co. Wicklow. "Dear David, Mrs. Bayly & I feel so awfuly sorry for you both in your great loss, but I'm sure you are thankful that now she is free from all pain, & one could not have wished her t lyin (?) on suffering the way I'm afraid she did, & not being able to relieve her (and? such?) Mrs. Bayly feels it very much, she was always so bright & cheerful. When she saw her, & even when at Woodenbridge, although feeling bad she always came out smiling to her, she was an example to many. Anyway you have nothing to reproach yourself for, for a better son no mother had. Very few would have done all you did. With our sympathy to you both, yours sincerely, Kathleen Bayly."

Letter to Sarah from her son David, undated (possibly early 1920, referencing the estate agent at Dunsland): "In hast (haste). Dear Mother Just a few lines to say that I am shure the Agent has something up his sleeve for me he told me this morning he asked me who you were living with and I told him, he said I have nothing just at the moment but I have you in mind, Staunton. I did not ask him anything so you see it will come with a wee bit of patience yet. I have had no word from Edward so sit tight for a wee bit. Your loving son, David."

Letter from Sarah to her son David, undated, written in pencil. "Dear David, I received parcle (parcel) quite save (safely). I had no word from Ned (her son Ted) yet I had a card Lill would you send me on Sallie's address I have no time to send you any thing for Xmas as I have not got a minute Im very busy & the weather is so bad raining every day I will send you something for the New Year. It was terrible sad about the Master I hope you will be very carefull during the Xmas I got a letter from Sallies friend wanting her address Miss Bayly is Banking my money Im going to live a quite (quiet) life for the future I have nothing strange to tell you Wishing you a very Happy Xmas from your fond Mother"


Registration of Births and Deaths in Ireland: Certified Copy of Entry in the Register Book of Deaths. Registered in the District of Arklow in the Union of Rathdrum in the County of Wicklow. No. 383. 1930, ninth November, Woodenbridge, Rathdrum. Name: Sarah Staunton, widow. Age 57 (67?) years. Occupation: Laundress. Certified cause of death: Epithelioma of Rectum, 9 months. Certified. Residence of Informant: Edward Staunton, son, present at death, Woodenbridge. When registered: Tenth November 1930. P.J. Hamilton, Registrar.

11 November 1930. The Reps. of the Late Mrs. S. Staunton, Woodenbridge. Bought of Hall & McGowan, Funeral and Posting Establishment, South Quay, Arklow. To: Oak Coffin, Lined & Silver mounted. Hearse to CastlemcCoolan (?). 11 pounds. Paid with thanks.

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