A trip to Vancouver Island, March 2022

5164. Elk Lake, on the way to Victoria: a muddy walk on a rainy day.

5168. Our charming hotel, Huntingdon Manor, by Victoria's Inner Harbour.

5194. Government House, Victoria. On the hillside overlooking the city.

5197. Government House, Victoria. A little further along the hillside.

5200. Government House, Victoria. Tree trunk in park grounds.

5198. Government House, Victoria. When they travelled in style.

5183. Finnerty Park, on the University of Victoria campus.

5185. Finnerty Park. Some lovely walks in beautiful sunshine.

5191. Finnerty Park. Many beautiful spots to enjoy.

5189. Finnerty Park. Rhodos just coming into bloom.

5199. Finnerty Park. Tree full of blossom.

5220. Hatley Castle. "It's not much, but we call it home."

5241. Hatley Castle. Daffodils by the lake.

5221. Hatley Castle. A sea of spring flowering bulbs, with strolling peacock.

5243. Hatley Castle. Serenity encapsulated: a Japanese-style teahouse on the lake.

5248. Hatley Castle. Lake, with heron sculptures.

5256. Ed McGregor Park, Sooke. A spectacular walkway zigzags through trees to the sea.

5262. Horticulture Centre of the Pacific. Heather beds. Not a single bee in sight, though!

5288. Horticultural Centre. Heather beds.

5265. Horticulture Centre. Pond and stream, Japanese garden.

5283. Horticultural Centre. Gateway to the Japanese garden.

5263. Horticultural Centre. Overlooking the Japanese garden.

5267. Horticultural Centre. Bonsai Garden.

5270. Horticulture Centre. Spectacular bonsai collection, some over 100 years old.

5271. Horticulture Centre. Japanese gardens.

5285. Horticultural Centre. After all that walking, a welcome place to rest!

5294. Horticultural Centre. Parking zone.

5189. Horticulture Centre. Whimsical dry-stone structure.

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