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2468. Upper lawn

2477. Garden shed (built by Ted)

0014. Ravine from upper lawn

1934. Corner of heather bed, with volunteer California poppies in the foreground.

2401. Steps to upper lawn

1888. Steps to upper lawn

2784. Path around heather bed

2915. Fairy door

0314. Pergola

2426. Path to chapel

0309. Pathway above ravine

3658. Seat above ravine

2427. View of chapel


The north-facing downward slope provided many opportunities for steps to
different levels and terracing.

0235. Moss path below chapel

1865. Moss path below chapel

1895. Moss path below chapel

2793. Path along ravine

0003. Tree on edge of ravine

0021. View from lower path

1879. View from below chapel

2886. Bluebells alongside moss path

2886. Bluebells alongside moss path

1834. Bluebells, north side

1875. Bluebells and tulips, north side

0007. Path in lower ravine


Area below the house, overlooking the Fraser River towards Coquitlam.
Immediately below our property are the (noisy!) CN rail yards and (noisy!) Highway 17

1845. Main path from pergola

0103. Main path as seen from circle lawn

1590. Main path looking east

1589. Circle lawn looking south

2794. Beastie alongside path

2949. Clematis

1586. Path below sundeck

0112. Path below main pergola

2957. Main pergola

2715. Rustic seat

0277. Pathway and steps

5102. Late evening sun in the fall.

0025. Main path from circle lawn to pergola

4863. Main path leading down to circle lawn

4863. Circle lawn, looking south

2961. Ligularia

4992. Path to pergola

4404. Mimosa tree in flower

3174. Shed for garden tools

4411. Path leading to toolshed

4431. Steps below ginkgo tree

0268. Steps leading up to house from circle lawn


Clad with rough cedar made from telephone pole offcuts. Roof shakes were cut
from an old-growth cedar tree that had been blown down in a windstorm.

4429. Chapel frontage

2980. Chapel frontage

0273. Chapel frontage, north side. Ted built the entire structure

1897. Path leading away from chapel

1899. Path leading away from chapel

2442. Chapel from path

2763. Angel on chapel

0019. Chapel interior. Ted made all the window-frames

0020. Interior. Walls made from old fence-boards, donated by Ted's brother

2815. View from inside chapel.

0044. View of steps from inside chapel (back window)

0053. Chapel, west side


Built by Ted. The decorative brackets on the posts were inspired by
lugwork on Hetchins bicycle frames.

4389. The weathervane on top was picked up from the side of the road.

0095. Archway entry to circle lawn.

0135. Circle lawn looking east.

0136. Circle lawn looking east.

4389. View from inside gazebo, looking east toward chapel

4399. View from inside gazebo, looking toward house

4400. View from inside gazebo, looking south. Semicircular fence at right screens lawn from west


To the west of our property is undeveloped bush. A line of tall fir, spruce,
cedar and poplar trees define the property line.

0294. Garden shed beneath magnolia

2981. View west from toolshed

2791. Rock retaining walls, west side

2983. View west from toolshed

4356. Tractor path along west side

0116. Arch leading to circular lawn

4454. View facing north

3664. Evening sunset, west side

2968. Waterfall

2952. Curving concrete path


A side-path leading from the front of the house takes a curving route
to a door on the west side.

0333. Head of curving pathway

0335. Curving pathway

0329. Looking east on curving path

0328. Curving path

2786. Butterfly on flowers

1824. Front gate


All the rocks used in making the steps and terraces in our garden were collected
from the bottom of neighbouring ravines, where they had been bulldozed
by farmers in days gone by.

Rocks of varying sizes all lined up and ready to go.

Dragging it uphill. Long chains and steel cable are needed to reach distant anchor points.

Creating steps, utilizing the flat surfaces naturally occurring on some rocks.

Adjusting flat-surfaced rocks to form steps down to circle lawn.

A lineup of bad boys waiting to be placed in position.

Click here to see more rock-moving exploits!

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We are members of the North Surrey Horticultural Society
(Info: 604-582-6272)