The garden in winter.

4268. Our front gate.

1741. The 'white shed' really is white now!

1763. Looking north, through the branches of a winter-flowering viburnum.

1801. A patch of diffused sunlight hits the chapel roof.

1759. Red branches of 'Winter Fire' bush add a welcome touch of colour.

1718. Snow starts to change the landscape.

5120. Now there is three or four inches of the white stuff.

1698. A white umbrella (grasses on a concrete pedestal) with the snow-beastie in the background.

1742. The winter-flowering viburnum produces pink flowers (below) which give out a beautiful scent.

3736. Winter-lowering viburnum (with snow)

1752. Harsh geometric lines are softened by nature.

3180. Proudly facing the inclement weather.

5114. A curving forsythia branch frames the snow-laden gazebo.

1766. A ray of sunshine just catches the tip of an evergreen.

5109. A canopy of white instead of green on this viburnum.

0009. Crocuses peek out of the frozen crust. Spring is on its way at last!

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